20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the reasons for cervix hurt? Doctor has given me medicines but still how to take precautions more? Due to cervix hurt I am getting blood

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Answer: 1. no intercourse. 2. avoid bending in front 3. use western commod 4. no travelling at all other than doctor visit. 5. not to sit on floor. 6. while sitting on chair keep cushion under butts n take seat on it.
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Question: I am getting a lot of cough. I have also taken all the medicines that the doctor had given but still are not getting well.
Answer: Hello! Cough is something which doesn't go easily. I would suggest you to try the home remedies which is much more effective. Have ginger tea, make kadha with tulsi, ginger, black pepper and add little honey before consuming. Also gave ginger with honey thrice a day. Take turmeric milk before bed, this all will help you to deal with cough. Take care
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Question: What are the possible reasons for any sort of blockage in umbilical cord? Blood/oxygen was not getting passed to the baby. What are the possible reasons ?
Answer: The reason can be varied ranging from maternal vascular and blood disorders to placental insufficiency,diabetes,high blood pressure etc It could be a cause of fgr- fetal growth restriction. Doctor will want to monitor your pregnancy closely. Please consult your doctor for further details.
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Question: My cervix length is 2.5 and doctor has given it a stich. What precautions should I take.
Answer: Just give baby care to yourself for sometime, take proper rest, don't stand much, don't carry any heavy object, avoid travelling, avoid intercourse , don't climb stairs and most important have lots of protein rich food.
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