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Question: What are the precautions to be taken if placenta is low lying?

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Answer: Mera b pehele low lying placenta tha per avi normal position me h, doc ne kaha fully bed rest. Excersize,walking,Physical activity,travelling mat kijiye nd don't bend. Sleep k time pe leg k niche pillow rakhe. Don't worry thik ho jayega.
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    Lipsa Mohanty Rana1030 days ago

    Sleep always left Side 👍👍

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Question: What are the reasons for low lying placenta? and what precautions should be taken with this.
Answer: hi dear when a woman starts to conceive then only plastic blood pressures itself in uterus so usually replaces itself on posterior or anterior side of wall but in some cases it gets planted in low in your uterus so this doesn't has any specific reason , but as you pregnancy will progress there are chances that with expanding uterus your class interval also shift up so don't worry and let your placenta shiFt up , but till then you will need to take a lot of care of yourself like avoid exhausting yourself don't stand or sit for too long also don't walk too much you will also need to avoid sex and lifting heavy weight try to not get constipated for that have plenty of water and have fibre rich diet .
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Question: What is low lying placenta what are the precautions to be taken
Answer: Low lying placenta means that your Placenta is near your OS which is a complicated situation so you will need to take bed rest and avoid having sex make sure that you don't get constipated also as it can lead to bleeding which is not good usually low lying placenta shifts on its own with that expanding uterus this will be cleared in the scan done in 32 to 34 week that if your Placenta is on safe distance or not
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Question: What are the precautions need to be taken for low lying placenta?
Answer: Hello dear , here are few tips that you should follow in low lying placenta to avoid any complication. like don't sit on your foot, avoid sitting in standing for long time, don't lift any heavy things , avoid sex and usage of stairs.. don't exert your body much and take proper bed rest because that is really important....
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