13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what are the precautions to be taken during pregnancy

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Answer: you should not travel, no stressful work,no jerk, no tension,stay happy ,eat healthy and lots of water.
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    Akshada Nirlikar1481 days ago

    Walking is the best exercise..for intials mnths 15mins and later half an hr.. U cn also go for yoga bt after consulting your gynec...

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Question: What are the precautions to be taken working women during pregnancy
Answer: Dear when you are pregnant, you will have to adjust some of your work habits and make slight changes to your schedule to stay safe and comfortable at the office. These changes will make it a more comfortable experience for you and also for the co-workers. 1. A balanced diet is a must for pregnant women. If you are working during pregnancy then it becomes even more important to eat right. 2.Your clothes must be loose so that they don’t put pressure on the foetus. Loosely fitting clothes will also facilitate you to breathe well. Working during pregnancy can itself make one uncomfortable and therefore, if you have to stay productive and healthy on the job, make sure that you try and alleviate common pregnancy discomforts and the first step to doing that is wearing comfortable clothes. 3. Make sure that you walk at regular intervals or you can even perform some stretching exercises. This will keep check on faulty blood circulation and prevent problem of swollen feet and back ache. 4. Make sure that you keep on munching healthy snacks to avoid feeling nauseated during work. Mini meals comprising salads and fresh fruits may be taken. 5.Keep a bottle of water handy in your work area or at your desk so you can take sips throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated. 6.Make sure that you sleep for at least seven to nine hours every night. Resting on either sides will improve the flow of blood to your baby and help you prevent the swelling.
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Question: What are the precautions to be taken during pregnancy if an an abortion happens
Answer: Hi dear, I am sorry to hear about your loss.idealky one must give a gap of 3 months before trying again for baby.the gap is to heal physically and emotionally.hormones needs to be in place.but since you conceived before, congratulations.and take proper care now.timely take your medicines,and vitamins.hope you had assessed the reason of previous miscarriage and taking precautions accordingly.wish you all the best! Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: What precautions are to be taken during 8th month??
Answer: Hi dear. Aboid traveling. Dont eat food which can trigger labor. Keep yourself safe from jerk. Dont lift any heavy object. Avoid standing for lomg hours. Take proper rest. Keep changing position . Eat healthy. Walk daily for at least 40 minutes. Drink lots of water. Avoid food which can give heating effect to yout body. Take care
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