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Question: What are the precautions to be taken after cervical stitch?

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Answer: Hello, Immediately after the procedure, you may experience light bleeding and mild cramping, which should stop after a few days.This may be followed by an increased thick vaginal discharge, which may continue for the remainder of the pregnancy. You may receive medication to prevent infection or preterm labor.
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Question: What are the precautions to be taken after c section?
Answer: Hi dear following are the tips after csec: 1Get plenty of rest. Section is major surgery. Just like with any other surgery, your body needs time to heal afterward. It vl take up to six weeks to fully heal.Rest whenever your baby rests. 2. Soothe your body Avoid going up and down stairs as much as you can. Keep everything you need, like diaper and food, close to you so that you don’t have to get up too often. Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby. 3. Relieve your pain Ask your doctor what pain medicines you can take, especially if you’re breastfeeding. 4. Focus on good nutrition Good nutrition is just as important in the months after you deliver as it was while you were pregnant. If you’re breastfeeding, you’re still your baby’s primary source of nutrition. Eating a variety of foods will keep your baby healthy . 1 have plenty of fruits and veggies, 2 Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. You need extra water to boost your breast milk supply and to avoid constipation.
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Question: After c-section what are the precautions to be taken
Answer: Hi dear, As can section is a major operation,one needs to know all the good care pre and post operation: take plenty of rest prior to hospital and donot get stressed, post operation too take rest,you might have to stay in hospital for 3-4 days,go easy in recovery period.the healing Wil take at least 6 weeks.try to move around more but donot strain yourself by climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects,drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated, well nourished diet would ensure faster recovery,inform your doctor if the stictches ooze blood,pus or any redness appear around...
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Question: What are the precautions to be taken with twins and after cervical stiches ?
Answer: Plz don't sit or don't go for a walk if u are advised by the Dr,if u will sit the weight of a baby will settle on the stitches ,so chances of predelivery,and u have to take rrst on bed only by putting Ur legs up with the help of pillows or keep table under the bed,so now by taking more rest the weight of a baby increase more here also same the weight of a baby put budden on the stitches,so eat light food which is high protein,if u have any doubts plz msg me personally
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