3 years old baby

Question: What are the iron rich diets. Fruits and vegetables

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Answer: Iron supplement foods and needed to improve that if you are suffering from hemoglobin deficiency. it's very important to include citrus fruits like orange sweet lime lemon in regular diet as it helps to absorb iron from dietary supplements. Good sources of iron are beetroot , potato, sweet potato,banana, pomegranate, fig etc. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 7 month running.. what are the fruits can I give... And what fruits to be avoid. Can I give her coconut water?
Answer: You don't have to avoid any fruits......give her all fruits let her taste it....but gv one fruit per day so Oly we can find if it s allergic r nt to baby...hope it s useful..
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Question: What kind of vegetables and fruits are not taken during pregnancy?
Answer: Well except papaya and pineapple you actually can have everything but keep it in limits..my doctor never asked me to ban any food..said can have anything but in moderation..so have all seasonal fruits and vegetables..
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Question: What kind of fruits and vegetables are not taken during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear..have all the fruits except pineapple and papaya and also u can have all green vegetables expect brinjal as it is not safe
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