2 months old baby

Question: What are the home remedy for constipation for baby. I have 2 month baby she is crying a lot in night due to gases.

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Answer: Hi,your baby is colic and so crying during night time. Try to hold your baby in the upright position so that it gives some relief. Also you should make a hing paste and massage on the naval if the baby. As you are breast feeding your baby ,your diet plays a very p role too. You should have adequate water Have fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots Fruits like papaya and banana Avoid spicy foods Have more of ginger on your food Have ajwain with water one teaspoon with water before feeding your baby. This should also help the baby. If the baby is still cranky ,you should consult your Dr so that Dr may prescribed some drops
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    Mayuri Shelke690 days ago

    Thank u for the response. This will realy help..

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Question: Remedie for gases in baby ....my baby is crying due to gases...
Answer: With such a small baby help with massaging his tummy clockwise motion slowly and lifting both the legs up to help fart the gas out. You can also put your baby on his tummy in your lap and try to massage his back. Gently push legs in squat positions little. Do this every time before bath and empty stomach otherwise there are chances that your baby may either potty or even give out little breast milk. Do gently.
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Question: What type of food i have take.. My baby crying a lot in night... may be due to gas problem..
Answer: Most babies are colic specially at night. Hence they cry a lot at night. As a breast feeding mother you should avoid the food like milk and dairy products, cabbage, broccoli, eggs. To get relief gas you can apply hing paste on naval area. Massage baby's tummy and move your baby's leg like bicycle. It releases gas
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Question: pls suggest home remedy for constipation..my son is 4 month old n crying lot from 2 days
Answer: Hello! start massaging his little belly giving a little pressure, in a clockwise motion (this helps clogged gas and poop to move through the intestines)..it is effective.
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