9 months old baby

Question: What are the grains that i can give to my baby other than wheat and rice?he is 8months old

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Answer: Breast milk or formula. Iron-fortified cereal like oats mixed with milk. Fruit Pureed like banana, peaches, pears, plum, mango. ... Vegetable pureed (completely cooked) like sweet potato, carrots, squash, beans and potato. Pulse soup after boiling pulse in sufficient water.
Answer: U can give millets
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Question: Can I give wheat based food to my 8months baby..
Answer: yes dear. you can give! it's actually healthy and will help your kid to gain weight.
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Question: Can I give rice for my 9month baby ?other wheat, Raggi she didn't eat? What foods did I give her?
Answer: S, u can give rice ..from 6 months itself we can give rice.. mash n give with dals or u can make veg kichdi .
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Question: My baby is 7months now, what solids i can give him other than purees , ragi and rice
Answer: Hi U should continue giving ur milk till 1year of age as well start first giving solid once in a day and slowly increase it to 3 to 4 time. U can give rice , lentils fruits , vegetables suji . But make sure to repeat the same thing for 3 days to check if baby is not having allergy of anYthg. Don't rush to introduce so many thing. Stay slow. Don't give salt sugar honey non veg and cow milk to baby till 1 year of age as it can affect baby kidney functioning. 
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