11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the fud have for to increase skin glow both mother and baby

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Answer: Hi dear, Pregnancy can get all such worries.they are normal.as hormonal fluctuations can take away your glow and make you look dull.many develop acne and pigmentation.this goes away post delivery.you can look better by maintaining our skin and overall mood . Try to drink plenty of water to keep your skin supple.clean your face twice a day with any facewash based on your skin type.apply moisurerizer daily. Eat fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.apply rose water for toning your skin pores.besan and milk cream can act as scrub.yogurt can also treat your pigmentation.cucumber juice,tomato slices acts wonder during pigmentation. There is no food or drink that could give you a fair baby.baby's complexion is decided by genes.these are all heredity characters.some people do say ,taking saffron during pregnancy,makes baby fair etc,but it is a complete myth.your baby skin colour won't change through diet,but it could become healthy and supple by healthy diet.so wish for healthy skin rather fair skin.fair unhealthy skin is not wished by any.
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Question: What are the things that needs to be packed for delivery for both mother and bay
Answer: Most important lots of sanitary pads, dipers (xs). Ur clothes which is loose like gown (3-4), baby clothes, clean towels, sanitizer. Make sire eveeything should be properly washed before use. Happy motherhood.🤗
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Question: What we have to do for baby skin fair and glow
Answer: Hi dear original complexion is decided at the time of conception so whatever you do at 2 years of your baby's age is not going to change your baby's original complexion in any way but I would suggest you that if your baby's complexion was fair at the time of birth your day we will get back that colour once your baby starts taking care of itself your baby is too small to take care of herself for himself so please give it some time your Baby is exploring now playing outside which can cause a lot of 10 on the baby's body so using a mild soap or body wash can help and avoid using anything which is more chemicalised in nature go for natural cures like you can clean your baby's body with raw milk and besan etc. oil massage on a daily basis is also important .. Hope this helps!
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Question: What is the home remedies for baby skin to glow and fair?
Answer: Hello! To brighten the skin of your baby, try these home remedies.  1.Give a hot oil massage, preferably coconut oil.  2.Apply a mask of sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron paste. Apply the paste to your child’s skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then, gently wipe it off with a moist cotton cloth. 3.The temperature of the water you use to bathe your baby plays a crucial role in the condition of your his/her skin. Make sure that the water is not too cold or hot.  4. Try avoiding soaps. Instead, opt for natural skin cleansers like gram flour, which enhance the skin texture. 5. Include seasonal fruits in daily diet.  6. Use a mild moisturizer after bath.  Take care 
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