30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the Foods to reduce polyhydromnios ? How to overcome this? Please provide Foods to avoid to reduce in water level..

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Answer: You need to maintain sugar levels, monitor sugar levels everyday consult nutritionist they will give you the diet.
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Question: Tell me about.. how to start solid food? What are the foods give to the baby, at what time should feed the baby, which fruits should be give, after the food how much of water give to the baby?
Answer: If you are giving first time then start with mug dal water and put pinch of salt in it..no need to give water..as per dr says give your baby water after 1 year completed..
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Question: What are the safest dates of intercourse to avoid pregnancy
Answer: If you are getting regular menstrual period then only it is only possible to find out your safe period and fertile period. if your period cycle length is of 25 to 30 days then you can expect your ovulation in between 10 to 17 days of the cycle. As sperm can live in woman body for 4 to 5 days it is better to avoid having unprotected sex 4-5 days before your ovulation day and also 2 to 3 days post ovulation. The safest period is 7 days before your next period date. Hope it Helps..
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Question: What are food avoid in early pregnancy
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy.. You should avoid papaya, pineapple and grapes.. Fish with high mercury levels and sesame Seeds should be avoided.. Take care.
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