13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the exercises I can follow

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Answer: Walking is the easiest and most recommended exercise in all phases of pregnancy(unless you are adviced to take bed rest in case of complications)Other than that you should practice regular breathing exercises and pranayamas(as most women forget to breath when they are going through labour which could lead to hypoxia and u could end up fainting ,the labour process will elongate which should ideally not happen.Do squats and butterfly exercise to prepare our body for easing labour!
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Question: Hi am planning for baby can someone advice whether I can have noodles biscuits.... What are diet I can follow
Answer: You have to follow a light healthy nutritious diet and need to avoid junk food fried food oil and spicy food tea coffee fizzy drinks and sweets as far as possible. also you have to maintain active Lifestyle by doing some differences is like 1 hour walking followed by surya namaskar Aasan for 10 minutes daily. Hope it helps.
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Question: What kind of exercises I can do now?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear if there s no bleeding, pain or spotting u can do yoga as in 1 trimester only alom vilom nd suryanamashkar s safe 4 u nd u can go 4 walk too try it
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Question: What are the exercises for egg rupture
Answer: Dear there is joy any exercise for egg rupture . If egg will not ruptured than doctor will give you hormone injection .
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