35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the essential things for maternity bag.please tell

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Question: Can someone tell me about maternity bag..what are all the things I need to carry?
Answer: Dear I think you want to know about hospital bag if I am I right then you should pack some comfortable dresses at least for dresses of yours maternity pads lotion hair oil soap toothbrush toothpaste sleepers, never forget you back your hospital bag and you should also back in a forest diapers lotion baby bath diapers for your baby. and don't worry if you will forget anything everything is available in hospital or nearby hospital in our day so don't worry you can arrange it after that too.
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Question: what are the essential things I have to buy for my baby?kindly suggest me
Answer: Here is the list you can use for your reference. Remember this is what I bought for my baby, you can add or remove products as per your choice. Baby essential - 1)lots of baby clothes- Baby vest, onsies, rompers (wash them in baby detergent and soak in dettol) 2)Lots of winter clothing - warmers, jumpers, jackets, mittens, cap 3) Baby bath products - body wash, shampoo, oil, body lotion, face cream. preferred brands- sebamed, mama earth, himalaya 4) Baby hygiene products - nail clipper, tongue cleaner, ear buds, nose bulb. 5) Baby bedding - Cot/napper. or if you plan to Co sleep then sleeping bags. 6) Swaddle, blankets, muslin. 7) Burp clothes and drool bib, as newborn spit a lot. 8) washclothes- These comes handy when giving sponge bath or just tidying up baby. 9)Changing mat 10) Katha or baby mat. 11) humidifier and lavender and eucalyptus essential oil( these are very much needed to treat blocked nose and sleep training) 12)lots of diaper or reusable nappy 13) baby carrier 14) mosquito and bug repellant. 15) wet wipes
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Question: What are the essential things to b carried to the hospital ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Your hospital bag can consist of Photo ID, insurance info, Cell phone and charger, sweater, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, clothes for baby and yourself to get back home. Hope this information was helpful.
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