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Question: What are the do's & dont's after normal delivery?

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Question: Hi.. What are the do's and dont's after cerclage process? Pls tell
Answer: Some precautions after a cervical stitch have been placed ensure the success of the procedure. Following precautions need to be taken if you have undergone cervical cerclage – Complete bed rest if you have undergone the cervical cerclage depending upon your medical condition.Reduced physical activity, along with no exercise is also recommended. In case you want to exercise, ensure medical supervision and/or approval.Refrain from heavy work for a short time.Avoid sexual activity for some time (up to the 34th week) after the procedure. It is advised to avoid climbing stairs after having a cervical procedure. However, there is no scientific evidence yet to prove that this could cause any issues. Since every case is different you may seek advice from your doctor about what your specific requirements are.
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Question: What are do's and dont's in first month of prgnancy?
Answer: These early months of pregnancy are critical for your baby's development. Taking a few key steps now can help protect your baby's health and your own. 1.Get early prenatal care and keep up with your appointments. Good prenatal care is essential to your baby's health – and to yours. 2.Take your prenatal Vitamin 3.Consult your healthcare provider about the medications you're taking. 4.Avoid bending 5.Avoid Lifting heavy objects 6.Take proper rest 7.Include in your daily diet fresh fruits n vegetables
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Question: What are do's and dont's in first month pregnancy.
Answer: Dear ap weight mat uthana, aage ki or mat jhukna, pineapple , baingan, papaya mat khana..liquid and healthy diet lo...khush raho..kisi b tarah ka stress na lo..
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