8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the causes of blood clotting

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Question: What are the causes of miscarriage?
Answer: The most common cause of miscarriage in pregnancy can be due to a problem with the chromosomes which might restrict the foetus from developing totally. Apart from a genetic abnormality, certain other factors play a role in causing a miscarriage in pregnancy. These include: 1. Abnormal Levels of Hormones 2. Diabetes 3. Proximity to hazardous materials 4. Certain medication like painkillers 5. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
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Question: I have blood sugar of 190 after meal.What are the causes and remedy for the same
Answer: After meal till 200 is nrmal although u can walk regularly and keep the sugar in check.
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Question: Vomiting in 3rd trimester?? What are the causes of it
Answer: Vomits in pregnancy are mostly due to raise in acidity hormone changes Take nutritious good Avoid spicy food and oily foods as they increase your uneasiness Eat fresh fruits drink juices coconut water boiled vegetables After dinner walk for 10 to 15 mts do not go to bed immediately Add cumin to water boil leave it aside till it cools now add little ghee and sugar Drunk this before going to bed and three times in the morning too Your sickness reduces a lot and you can sleep well too
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