6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what are the breathing techniques or exercises that we should follow at this stage ?

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Answer: Hi dear if you have normal pregnancy then only you should do some deep breathing exercise to keep yourself fit. 1st is ---Breathe in hold your breath for few seconds as much you can and without.2nd is ---- breathe in with nose hold the breath and breathe out with mouth. Both these exercises are good during pregnancy to keep your blood flow normal and any heart problem or Hypertension during pregnancy. Except you can also practice working for 30 to 45 minutes, swimming etc everyday. Hope it helps.
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Question: What are the exercises or yoga we should follow
Answer: Pregnant women who exercise have less back pain, more energy, a better body image and, post-delivery a faster return to their pre-pregnancy shape. It also helps in improving posture, endurance, uplifting your mood. You can choose any low impact exercises like stretching, pelvic exercises, prenatal yoga, swimming etc. While exercising is recommended during pregnancy there are certain types of activity which should be avoided- Activities where falling is more likely Exercise that may cause any abdominal trauma, including activities that with jarring motions, contact sports or rapid changes in direction Activities that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, or bouncing Bouncing while stretching Waist twisting movements while standing Intense bursts of exercise followed by long periods of no activity Exercise in hot, humid weather Do not hold your breath for an extended period of time Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion
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Question: What are the things i have to follow at this stage
Answer: Hllo dear u r 28 weeks pregnant dear u should take healthy diet add nuts ,milk wit mother horlicks ,fresh fruits ,juices, green vegetables in ur diet. Go 4 walk daily .if there s any complication as bleeding low lying placenta or pain u should avoid sex othetwise its safe. Do yoga .avoid oily spicy food .avoid carry heavy things. Try jt
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Question: What kind of exercises should we follow at this stage?
Answer: Hello! If you have not yet delivered then please go for brisk walk. Also make sure that you have plenty of water to keep self hydrated. You can try using Indian toilet at this stage too. Hope this helps. Take care
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