25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the best fruit juices to drink during pregnancy?

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Answer: Mausammi ka juice....it contains vit c which is essential for healthy pregnancy
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Question: In early pregnancy, what is the best sleeping position.
Answer: In overall pregnancy left side is best.. but in early pregnancy you can sleep as you are comfortable but just don't sleep on back ...
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Question: What are the vegetables, fruit and grains can I give to my baby
Answer: Your baby is already 8 months old so you can start giving rice as well as wheat products. In vegetables you can give potato sweet potato pumpkin carrot tomato spinach broccoli etc. In fruits you can give sweet lime Orange pomegranate for juice and banana chiku Apple pear papaya in puree. Hope it helps.
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Question: Best fruits to eat during pregnancy .at what time I can have the fruits.
Answer: Anar , apple,is the best fruits and the best Time to eat these fruits is early morning when you feel very hungry and 10:00am
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