9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are benefits of progesterone medicine in 1st trimester .. progesterone is natural hormone. . Still do we need to take progesterone medicines?

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Answer: hi dear is progress ton is a natural hormone but when they hormonal development is less for some women it may cause more bleeding and also my lead to miscarriage so to increase the Brook restaurant level we give artificial supplement through medicines it helps to avoid getting bleeding and also it will avoid getting miscarriage during pregnancy it will develop the hormone level so doctors advise some of the ladies to take progesterone medicine during pregnancy to avoid getting any risk factor
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Question: Why are we suggested to take progesterone tablets at the end of 1st trimester
Answer: To boost hormones that safe guards pregnancy and to acviod premature birth and miscarriages
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Question: what are the precautions we shud take in 1st trimester ??
Answer: First of all big congratulations... 1. Eat normal yet healthy diet . Don’t force yourself towards more eating or something like that coz soon you might feel nauseated and vomiting in coming weeks . So concentrate on normal diet . 2. Include one seasonal fruit in your diet except papaya n pineapple . 3. Don’t lift heavy objects and don’t do long traveling . 4. Take plenty of water and good if you start having coconut water early morning empty stomach as it removes all toxic effects from body . 5. Stay happy, positive and share your big news with family n friends . 6. Some other precautions but it depends on your upcoming scans . Healofy wishes you all the very best and happy pregnancy dear
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Question: What are the benefits to take medicines containing fish oil?
Answer: Research has confirmed that adding EPA and DHA to the diet of pregnantwomen has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of the baby. Studies have also shown that higher consumption of omega-3s may reduce the risk of allergies in infants. Omega-3 fatty acids have positive effects on the pregnancy itself.
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