1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are all the food that we shouldn't eat

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Answer: Hiiiiii....dear...during first trimester of pregnancy we should avoid some fuds likes.. papaya pineapple.. excess sweet and salt...high oily fast fuds.. coffee ...chocolate etc..
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    mithushree nayak653 days ago

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Answer: Papaya, dry fruits(excess)
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Question: I saw we can eat pineapple 🍍 some people say we should not eat it we can eat are shouldn't eat
Answer: Hi dear u can eat it in moderate qty as it contains bromaine which can led to miscarriage if taken in high qty. Some of the pregnant women avoid haVing it in thier pregnancy period.
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Question: My baby reject all type of food?but he like to eat what we are eating. Can i give him food that we eating like curries and all
Answer: Try making different foods every day.. You can add ghee, hing, cumin seeds to it.. Moong Dhall and rice with these ingredients make it spicy and aromatic
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Question: What are the Fruits that we should eat during pregnancy????
Answer: Hello dear Oranges. Oranges help you stay hydrated. Avocados. Avocados have more folate than other fruits. Water melon Pomegranate Lemon
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