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Question: What all foods items has to be avoided in pregnancy.. I am hating sweet things like fruits and juice and even milk. I want to eat spicy like mixture and chuduva.🤷‍♀️ I ate little yesterday and little today.. im 5 week pregnant... water also I feel like vomiting drinking 4litres but yes I am drinking as im facing severe constipation.

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Answer: Now you should include more fruits in your diet. It will also decrease your constipation. Milk is also very important. Take more amount of salad green vegetable shake soup whole wheat grain like oats dalia. Take milk curd butter milk juice coconuts water in your diet. Take less spicy and oily food . You will get acidity ans gas problem .
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Question: I am feeling nausea and taste of mouth is very bad, and facing constipation, and feel full of stomach even after eating little bit.
Answer: It's normal due to hormonal changes and body changes during early pregnancy..eat little portion many times in a day..avoid spicy foods..eat healthy, stay hydrated
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Question: Hi I m 12 week pregnant BT still I don't want to eat anything every time I feel like vomiting and I feel smell in everything food, fruits,milk, juice,even cloths also what should I do in this situation
Answer: To get relief from smell problem you can try one thing . Take some essential oil and put some drop in henky, and smell this whole day. Now you should eat dear otherwise your baby weight will be less.
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Question: Hi i am 8 weeks pregnant and whenever i eat sweet things like mangoes, ice-cream etc etc, i feel severe nausea.. Why it happens please tell me
Answer: Nausea is common in pregnancy...but avoid 🥭 mangoes..it's not good in this time ...
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