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Question: What all care i have to take after cesarean delivery?

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Answer: Hi! Pregnancy is beautiful with some associated challenges, in C-Section delivery you need to keep certain things in mind which includes your queries; 1) You will be trained in the hospital how to feed your child , however you need to keep your posture straight, have back support, its better to buy a boppy pillow this time it will help you to breastfeed. 2) Better to have a helping hand for few days till the time you cope with your own body and baby well. 3)After operation passing stool is challenging for which you will be given a laxative apart from that please take natural laxatives, like prunes, papaya, overnight soaked raisins these are natural stool softener, have lots of water it will help. 5)Sitting posture needs to be straight and usage of feeding pillow might help, dont lift heavy weight, burst into sunlight , take yout post natal vitamins on time healthy eating, loads of of water is necessary to keep hydrated and breastfeed well.. Good luck and take care!
Answer: Hi, welcome to After csec,you should take good care.of yourself Avoid bending,lifting anything heavy. You should do hot pad Do massage with warm oil. Have a healthy diet Avoid spicy food and sour food . Have food rich in calcium Have high protein rich diet Have necessary supplements,like calcium and vitamin supplements.
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Question: Postpartum care after Cesarean delivery .. please guide
Answer: Hello.. Dear during postpartum care, you should have a nutritious diet, drinkore water, avoid oil fried foods, have good sleep, don't lift heavy objects, take rest whenever possible will be helpful
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Question: my baby is 18 days old..cesarean delivery.. wat precautions I have to take after delivery??
Answer: Take proper rest,i knw it would be difficult for u as u are breastfeeding... but dont forget u have undergone a surgery...u need rest...dont lift heavy items atlest 6 to 7 months...dont massage ur back and stomach till 1 month,always check ur stiches weather it is healing or not,apply ointment on stiches if doc suggested any.(my gynec suggested betadin to me) avoid food which creat gass or constipation...avoid eating brinjal as u have stiches,do not start any exercise coz ur stiches are still healing...if u see any watery thing coming from stiches consult doctor, drink as much as water...drink 2 glass of milk daily...
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Question: How to take care teeth after delivery
Answer: Hi,you should brush twice a day do gargling with salt water 2-3 times a day. Also you should do see your mouth after each meak .can also use moth wash
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