4 months old baby

Question: What about vitamin D& colimax drops. Shld I continue. If yes then hw much

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Answer: Vit D drops are to be give full one yr.. you can give 0.5 ml daily
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Question: Hii... Should i continue vitamin D drops for 5month baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear the best source of vitamin D is sunlight, therefore, there is no need to give these drops to your baby. Sit with your baby in sunlight for sometime, atleast in winters you can do it happily.
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Question: I am giving vitamin d3 and zincovit drops to my 50days old baby.. Those drops are about to finish in few days.... Should l continue those drops? If yes then how long? Pls suggest..
Answer: Yes, u should continue it upto 1 year of baby, those r very helpful to the baby
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Question: Can i give daily colicaid to my 4mnth baby. If yes when n hw much Drops
Answer: colic acid should be given only on demands basis n should not be given more than 0.2 to 0.3 ML
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Question: can we use air conditioner for baby??? if yes then what temperature shld maintain??
Answer: yes u can use AC but with certain precautions , # set a temperature of 24 # always before turning on the AC see that u open all the windows and doors ventilate the room and then close and on the AC # wrap ur baby properly # see that he is not directly facing the AC chill blast of air # ur Los skin may become dried so use a good moisturizer # after u bathe don't expose her to direct AC dry her up in a separate room # always wear mittens and socks # clean ur room very often because of AC spores will be formed leading to fungal infections # service ur AC from time to time
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