Question: what about kiwi eat in 32week pragncy!

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Answer: The kiwifruit or the Chinese gooseberry is a juicy fruit with a pleasant taste. It contains no cholesterol and has very little sugar and fat. Apart from its delicious taste, kiwifruit also has many benefits for pregnant women. You can consume 2-3 kiwi fruits every day. If you suffer from heritable allergy, gastritis, or other digestive problems, avoid eating kiwi during pregnancy.
Answer: Yes u may eat kiwi.
Answer: yes u can eat
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Question: Kiwi fruits can eat in pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. The fruit is good for pregnant women. Since kiwifruit is a good source of folate, which helps brain and cognitive development and prevents neural defects in babies (both before and during pregnancy), it is essential for expecting mothers. However please have in moderation and consult your pediatrician before consumption. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: can we eat kiwi fruit in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear... yes,you can have Kiwi fruit, it is rich source of vitaminC and folate ,it is a best fruit needed during pregnancy,it prevents neural tube defects,it also contains neurotransmitter which helps in brain development of baby,improves digestion and controls morning sickness and will also reduces stretch mark as well, kiwifruit contain natural sugar substance which act as a best option during pregnancy,and controls your carving
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Question: I eat kiwi in 8 month
Answer: Hie Yes you can have kiwi during pregnancy Kiwi is rich in folates which help in growth and development of baby and also prevents serious birth defects It contains no cholesterol and has very little sugar and fat It has twice the amount of vitamin C than a sweet lime Besides, kiwifruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber, Vitamin E, carbohydrates, energy, and other minerals. 
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