4 months old baby

Question: wether I shld give vaccination which are available in private clinic to my kid

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Answer: hello.. dear name the vaccination.. because many vaccinations are give to children in private clinic..
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    Priyank Tripathi1271 days ago

    rota virus...flu vaccine..... meningococcal vaccine

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Question: Should i give rubella govt vaccination to my kid ???
Answer: Hi dear surely go for it. Even in my baby school they came for the same and I get it done. It is good to save ur baby from rubella virus and khasra
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Question: Are govt hospital vaccines and private clinic vaccines same? Where should i give,private or govt hospital? Which one is safe?
Answer: Hello dear,both government and private vaccination are good. But the difference is that sometimes u are not able to get all vaccination at government hospital as they have shortage of vaccination but in private u csn get all vaccine. Also, government vaccination is free of cost while private we have to pay.
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Question: Which are vaccination shld b given for 1.5 month baby
Answer: Hello dear Following vaccination is to be given to 1.5 month old baby: 6 weeks-DTwP 1,IPV ,Hep-B 2,Hib 1,Rotavirus 1,PCV 1
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