Few days old baby

Question: Wen I sleep i feel pain in vaginal . Wat is Dis???

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Answer: Was ur normal delivery?.. If so pa n will come... Almost up-to 3 or 4 month pain will be there... Avoid pressing there and avoid taking weight
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Question: Wat shud i do wen I feel burning sensation in stomach n feel like vomiting
Answer: You should consult your Dr if you are vomiting more than 4 times a day. Your Dr may provide you with a temporary relief such ondemMD and an antacid to relieve heartburn. It is important to note if you feel your mouth absolutely sour after every burp. Or you feel like food is coming back in your mouth but not vomiting. This can bea sign of gastroesophageall reflux. Divide your meals into 5 to 6 small means instead of two or three large meals . do not immediately lie down or go to sleep after eating it is better to wait for 2-3 hours and let the stomach reflex subside . do not take antacids without prescription. avoid spicy foods and lot of acidic foods such as lemon when taken raw tomatoes and oranges. avoid coffee and tea while empty stomach. if you feel uncomfortable during night you can raise the head of your bed about 20 CM by putting foam mattresses that will help to normalise your reflex . ask your doctor to prescribe Ranitidine/rantab to relieve you temporary. although you must take note of the frequency of your vomiting if it's more than 3-4 times you need to change your medication as well . so it's very important to discuss it with your gynecologist now. take care
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