24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Wen does placenta start developing after conception

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Answer: Hi dear it will start from the very beginning of the pregnancy. And it will keeps on increase as per the baby size and requirement all through the pregnancy period.
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Question: Placenta developing anterior means
Answer: Hi! The placenta is a large organ that develops during pregnancy. It is attached to the wall of the uterus, usually at the top or side. The umbilical cord connects the placenta to your baby. Blood from the mother passes through the placenta, filtering oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to your baby via the umbilical cord. The placenta also filters out substances that could be harmful to your baby and removes carbon dioxide and waste products from your baby’s blood. Anterior plaventa is placement of placenta on front wall of uterus that means on your tummy side. In anterior placenta if you tiuch your tummy to feel yiur baby you would instead feel your placents. But its not a problem. With anterior placenta its just that you would feel the kicks a but late.
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Question: In my nt scan they have mentioned developing placenta- anterior grade 0. Wt does it means
Answer: It means that the Placenta is attached to the front wall of the uterus which is considered absolutely normal Graing indicates the maturity of the Placenta the number increases with the increase in the age of gestation. Grade zero at this age is considerable
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Question: Wen does baby start eating in womb?
Answer: high as soon as the as the conception is done the baby starts getting food and nutrition through your placenta
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