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Question: 5 weeks pregnant why am I full stomach pain

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Answer: It is normal to have pain in the lower abdomen during the first trimester. But if it is so much u can't bear, consult your doctor
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant and i got stomach pain. Why is it?
Answer: Don't worry dear... Its called morning sickness.... Actually the hormones which are forming your baby's body... The same hormones are causing you this pain... Its ok take good rest... Its all temporary only
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Question: I am 3 months pregnant but starting this 3rd month em getting full stomach pain why...??
Answer: Hello Stomach pain cramps back aches are all normal during pregnancy it's due to ur baby Growing taking up all the space wch creates lots of pressure on ur stomach it's the reason u feel the cramps or tight feeling. The uterus also puts pressure on ur pelvis and vaginal muscles is the reason u get back pains or cramps. Some women also get pain in their legs. The growing uterus puts alot of pressure on ur bladder as well that's the reason for ur frequent bathroom visits. U can use cold or hot compress. Use pillow between ur legs and behind ur back while sleeping. Take a warm bath. Massage lightly with coconut oil or olive oil.
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Question: Hi, i am 35 weeks pregnant and right side lower stomach pain,why this pain?
Answer: It is absolutely normal... pain is because of pressure on utreus..baby needs more space by now at this time.. take proper rest.. all the best
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