Question: 39 weeks pregnant mere lower part m bht pain h

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Answer: Pelvic pain is most commonly caused by the softening of the symphysis pubic (aka your pubic bone), by that darn pregnancy hormone relaxin and the weight of the uterus bearing down on this joint. It can result in uncomfortable pressure as the baby’s head or other body parts invade your pelvic region, as well as soreness, pain or swelling. You can try Epsom salts or just plain water to help reduce swelling. Exercises to strengthen your spinal, tummy, pelvic girdle, hip and pelvic floor muscles. These will improve the stability of your pelvis and back.Avoid activities that make your pain worse or that put your pelvis in an uneven position, such as sitting cross-legged or carrying your toddler on your hip. Try not to do heavy lifting or pushing. Do not climb stairs and take proper rest.
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Question: im 39 weeks pregnant mere lower part m bht pain ho raha h
Answer: if the pain is unable to bear please check with doctor. it can be early sign of labour or might be false labour but please dont take any risk in last moment.
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Question: mujhe uthne baithne chalne firne m bht problem ho ra h or lower part Bht bhare lagta h kya kru
Answer: You should take rest the more you walk all the pressure may make you feel very heavy. Because it is heavy to move around with your weight+ baby weight. So take rest, check if your suplemnts need to be increased as in the calcium dose and iron. Because tiredness is again a symptom of anaemia so check your blood Hb it should be above 10 (minimum). Lower part pain is due to muscular tension so again do not worry just take care to not to lift heavy weight at all. Also check with your gynae if it's at at all a preterm pregnancy. Hope it helps! Take the
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Question: Mjy lower part legs mai bht pain hai...kya kru mera 8th month chl rha h
Answer: Well, the weight of your growing uterus can push on the sciatic nerve and cause pain to run down the back of your leg. It could also just be legcramps (most common in the third trimester) — but it could also be something more severe, like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or uterine fibroids, so let your doctor know.
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Question: I'm 39 weeks pregnant nd i have pain in my lower abdomen and lower west ..... Is it labour pain
Answer: Hi.. Dear It might be, contact your gynaecologist immediately.. If you experience such cramps contact your gynaecologist, without any delay..
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