38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im38 weeks pregnant and i feel like my tummy is too tight n movements r also less compared to earlier weeks ....

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Answer: Hi dear id u r feeling tight tummy and feeling regular contraction then it means u r in labour . Also notice if u can feel any back or lower abdomen pain, if u can feel baby moved down. I will suggest u to consult doctor once. All the best dear. Update ur status again.
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant, I feel the baby movements are less compared to earlier, is it because of less space???
Answer: Yes dear you are completely right there is very less space left for your baby to do a proper movement and that's why babies movent decreases in 9th month of pregnancy I too have went through this
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Question: Hi.. pls tell me about baby movements in 9th month, I feel movements are less compared to earlier & intensity is also less.
Answer: Baby movement get less due to increase in size it is normal
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Question: I am feeling less movements as compared to earlier months?
Answer: As the baby grow you may feel less movements due to less space available in the womb for the baby to make a move. But keep on monitoring fetal movements regularly Check your baby movements by following these simple tips Lie down Have a snack Change position like sitting sleeping standing Have a cold fluid Give a sudden jerky movement Poke the baby Rub your tummy Listen to good music Give a gentle massage to your stomach Talk to your baby
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