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Question: 8 weeks pregnant and have spotting?is it okay?

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Answer: Hello dear it's good to consult with doctor to see if everything is ok. Sometimes implantation bleeding will happen which will cause brownish spotting for 2_3 days and then it will stop. This spotting is normal. Other than that if you have continous spotting you have to get medical aid to prevent it.
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Question: 6 weeks pregnant. I have brown spotting and my doc gave Tranexamic Acid tablets. Is it okay to have it won't have any side effects
Answer: hi dear! so dear tranexamic acid i used to treat bleeding in the pregnancy dear . tranexamic acid prevents the enzymes in the body from breaking down the clots which will stop the bleeding eventually . but take them as prescribed by your doctor and do not stop them unless your doctor says to do so. and they are safe and can be used without any problem. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: Is it okay to see spotting in 8 weeks of pregnancy. Please answer am worried.
Answer: First let me know which type of spotting is it? Some spottings are normal at this stage...but if it's like red/brawn or (slot white discharge) then meet ur doctor and ask to her...in pregnancy we sud never ignore anything even if it's normal
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Question: I feeling little spotting.. Is it okay during 5 weeks
Answer:  Some women start to experience morning sickness at 5 weeks pregnant. ... Light bleeding or Spotting – It's common to see some spotting at 5 weeks pregnant, but there should be no more than a few drops of blood ... If it increases then plz consult Doctor asap...
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