33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 33 weeks pregnant am suffer urine for every half hour is it any problem

Answer: Hi dear, Most of the time in pregnancy, frequent urination is due to increased bladder pressure due to uterus expansion.it puts more pressure on bladder,and hence you feel the urgency to empty it every now and then.it is very normal.but in case you have burning sensation while peeing or any other discomforts,it could hint urine infection too.
Answer: Hi! Visiting the loo in pregnancy is very common, it can start as early as in first trimester and remains almost same till the time baby is delivered. The frequent loo visit is due to your expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder. Dont worry this is normal and part of the pregnancy journey. Good luck!
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Question: 20 weeks pregnant Every half hour onces passing urine it is normal
Answer: Yes it is normal during pregnancy. And it is very good also keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fluids like water,fruit juice ,milk and butter milk etc.
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Question: Hi !! I am 14 weeks pregnant and I used to go washroom in every hour or sometime with in half an hour,vwhy it is ? Is it normal?
Answer: Hi, it is usually seen in the third trimester not in the early pregnancy It can be due to the urinary tract infection You should get your urine analysis done and consult your gynecologist
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Question: Today am going frequent urine for half half an hour so am very tired plz give any suggestion..?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear May be urine infection dear Get urine examined Urine infection can be relieved by taking lots of liquids like water coconut water butter milk Feed more frequently Drink more liquids and feed so that the infection is thrown out through urine dear Medicine should be taken as per doctors advice dear If not urine infection then nothing to worry dear Take care
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