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Question: 17 weeks of pregnancy is running now. when I walk or stand I'm urinating. by the time I go to rest room I become wet. what could it be??

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Answer: During pregnancy the pressure around your bladder is increased and it squeezes your bladder so when you walk, laugh or cough you can leak urine and you may not be able to control it. You could do pelvic floor exercises to help prevent, please do consult your doctor to decide the right exercises to help you.
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Question: My panties become wet all the time. I donno what fluid makes it wet. Is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear, Please check what it is because may be it is aminiotic fluid leakage also wet panties will cause infections too
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Question: I m 31 week pregnant and I Have a painful sensation near my navel more when I walk or stand for long. What could it be
Answer: It's because of your baby weight.. For somebody it may pain but it's quite normal.. I too had pain..
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Question: Sharp pain in centre of the lower abdomen when I stand or when I walk when I rest I don't feel pain pls help me
Answer: You just take rest n immediately consult to your gyno
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