36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 35 weeks now. Having back pain for past 2 days. Is it a sign of labour??

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Answer: Hi,it can be the sign that your body is preparing for the labor You should however do hot water bag compression to get relief,don't sit for too long don't bend also keep a pillow behind your back for comfort
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    Mary Sam R936 days ago

    Thank you madam

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Question: Mam Am 36 weeks pregnant. I was having white discharge till now but suddenly it stopped for past 2 days. Is this a sign of labour.
Answer: Hi dear, white discharge is caused by hormonal changes and it's considered as normal and it's ok if it spots too ,no its not a sign of labour I am sharing my experience how I felt during when labour started U will feel Strong and regular contractions. .the water breaks will happen and brownish color liquid discharge may happen .Period like cramping in Lower back pain and tummy which would be much more painful that period pain..Bloody vaginal discharge. May also start.Diarrhea or nausea u may feels. Due to baby drop bladder with get extreme pressure from utreus. It's not necessary that u will get all the symptoms.take care all the best
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Question: From last two days i m having mild cramps on my back nd abdomen..is it a sign of labour pain..currently i'm 39 weeks 2 days
Answer: Yes definitely. Be prepared for ur delivery . Because these pain and cramps can severe and convert to labour pain .
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Question: Now am 35 weeks....I have strong back pain for 2 days... is it the sign of labour??? Or else anything serious??
Answer: hi dear don't worry as you are getting closer to the labour these are the early signs of labour I don't need to worry about it and please do take enough rest eat more healthy and nutritious food and I would advise you to wash your back or take warm bath before bed this helps to reduce the pain and gives you good sleep
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