6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 5.6 weeks...light brown discharg...jus a wip..wats dat

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Answer: If your cervix is irritatedduring pregnancy, it may cause somebrownish-pink discharge. This can happen at any point during your pregnancy. It may be caused by sex, a cervical check by your doctor, or an infection.you should talk to your doctor.
Answer: It could be implantation bleeding or old collected blood. Don't ignore any kind of bleeding or spotting during pregnancy and consult doctor on immediate basis.
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    Monica Chawla1277 days ago


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Question: Can i get light brown spotting after 14days of missed period. Earlier all test were negative,a week ago Its not a period till now jus light brown spotting. I guess getting light brown spots after 14days of missed period is very late. Please suggest
Answer: hi dear! so yes 14days after period is very late . you might need a sonography of pelvis dear to see if everything is going good inside dear. also you might have to visit your doctor as its not bleeding and your tests are negative then we have to get you your proper period dear. take care .
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Question: Light brown discharge is this a normal
Answer:  It's is common during pregnancy dear it's because of increasing harmonal level and blood flow through out the body make the cervix super sensitive .its most irritating if you have brown discharge regularly. Make a note how much brown discharge you are getting. If it is just a spotting or your panty liners will be full. If it is getting full consult doctor soon.
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Question: I have white discharge which is light brown ND it's smelling like wheat. Is dat normal?
Answer: Hi dear White discharge is common during pregnancy when I was pregnant I too got white discharge when I asked to my doctor she said to me pregnant ladies will get more discharge and it is common to get white discharge or milky white ,pink in colour. It is normal no need to worry about it. If you want you can consult your doctor when you go for next check up
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