35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 34 weeks grade 3 anterior placenta means normal

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Answer: hi yes it is normal there is nothing to worry anterior Placenta only means that the position of the baby is in the front which is normal and with this you can going with the normal delivery
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Question: Anterior grade 3 placenta means
Answer: Its means your placenta is in anterior... And u dnr feel baby movement too much early and you feel movement rare time.
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Question: Placenta anterior , grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Hi! Anterior placenta means placenta is on the front wall of the uterus. Baby will be behind that. People say that babies' kicks will be cushioned by placenta if it is anterior and hence one may start feeling the kicks only later in the pregnancy compared to people with posterior placenta. Please dont worry its a very common thing, folllow what your Dr. says. The grading is a terminology used in USG's the grade |, ||, ||| denotes how far you have come along in pregnancy like how mature is your placenta. If you check your reports of 21 weeks it will show it as | but after sometime in your next USG you will get to see it as || so thats how its calculated. Dont worry its all normal. Good luck!
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Question: Anterior placenta grade 3 at 34 weeks 3 days... What does that mean
Answer: It's the maturity of placenta . There are 3 grade . 1 is the highest of maturity where the placenta got matured full and from that your baby will not get much of food . But this will not affect the baby . So don't worry about this . Be happy enjoy your pregnancy .
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