35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 35 weeks finished in pregnancy which is safe week for delivery

Answer: Hello! It is considered that by 37 weeks of pregnancy the development of the baby is complete. Hence, delivery in the 37 week or after that is considered to be safe. Take care
Answer: No dear, If you are planning for delivery, wait till 37 weeks. After 37 weeks you can choose any day for delivery.
Answer: After 36 weeks it baby will be fully matured
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Question: Is delivery in 35 week safe?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy generally 40 weeks is considered as full term pregnancy delivery is that happened between 37 to 40 weeks are considered to be safe 35 weeks is a little early so if you can postpone please postpone if there are any unavoidable situations you can deliver your baby it doesn't create any problem all the best
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Question: I'm 31 weeks pregnant in which week delivery is safe
Answer: hello mam congratulations that you are pregnant you are 30 weeks pregnant and almost made it to the end of your pregnancy the delivery is considered safe in 36 to 40 weeks if you don't have a medical issue you should not go for a delivery at 31 weeks the baby gains maximum weight from 30 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. It is therefore advisable to wait till full term and let your due date approach and then go for the delivery I believe you might be now going to the hospital to see a doctor every week and so your doctor will be able to track a proper record of the growth and well-being of the baby hope my answer is helpful
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Question: is delivery in 35 weeks if safe...i get steriod in 29 week
Answer: Depends on how much developed the babies lung is. The sonography done before the delivwry will suggest it. Sometimes as per the doctor the child is safer outside the womb than inside. If your doctors decide for eaely delivery it will be best for the child! Steriod facilitates early maturity of lungs
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