35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 36 weeks delivered baby will be admitted in NICU and his lungs will be metured enough to breath himself?

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Answer: Hi dear yes baby will be fine with a proper monitoring. Pteyerm baby do have problem at birth due to immature development of lungs but before c sec doctor do give u injection to keep baby lungs growth well and after keeping in NICU for few weeks ur baby will be fit and fine to breath naturally dear. It's nothing to worry at all.
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Question: I got delivered last week. Baby is in NICU. How long it should be in NICU. Is there any problem being in nicu
Answer: Congratulations and welcome to motherhood 🙂 generally they keep baby for 5-6 days in NICU if the baby is suffering from jaundice. There is no problem in that they keep monitoring the baby and provide extra care, jaundice is very normal in newborn so your baby will be fine.
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Question: My baby delivered day before yesterday..he is thirty five weeks and admitted in neonatal centre
Answer: Hi dear yes if baby is preterm then will get admitted in neonatal till the time baby will reach to the 38 to 40 week . Then only doctor will discharge.
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Question: what are changes in baby delivered in 36 weeks and 40 weeks
Answer: Even I am losing patience and want my baby to come soon but j am worried if my baby still needs some development and what are the advantages if delivered at 40 weeks
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Question: Hi all Today my wife delivered to cute baby boy but Dr saying dat nine months not yet completed, lungs not yet completely developed now the baby in NICU unit Is any problem?? How it will be recovered??
Answer: Hi, delivery before 36 weeks is called preterm delivery. The main complications in preterm delivery is underdeveloped loss of your baby as after 36 weeks the final development of lungs completed. Long is the most important organ for a baby to develop and to survive outside mother womb. Although it varies, a baby's lungs are not considered fully-functioning until around 37 weeks gestation, which is considered "full-term." However, because conception and development can happen at different rates, this not a hard and fast number. Some babies born earlier might have fully-functioning lungs, and some babies born later might still have issues with their lungs at birth because lung development can vary greatly. In NICU unit they will hive your baby support system & medication to develop fully functioning lungs. Itbmay taje few days to a month depends on baby's maturity. Dont worry your baby will be all ok very soon. All the best, god bless your baby.
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