7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 5 weeks and 4 days growth it shows in the scan with yolk sac but no embryo found.. Is there any issue

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Question: Yesterday i had my scan and it shows 5 weeks 4 days pregnant but no fetal pole is visible only the sac is there? Is my baby has slow growth ? Any suggestions?
Answer: Your baby's growth is completely fine sometimes in early pregnancy there can be a delay so don't worry just get a scan done again in a week or 10 days that will give you the exact view of babies growth...
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Question: My ultrasound scan shows 5weeks pregnancy and there is only gestational sac present with 12mm. No yolk sac is present is there any problem?
Answer: Don't worry now.. go for another scan after 1 or 2 weeks.. hope u will get heart beats by then.. all the best ...
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Question: I visited my doctor for my first scan but there was only gestational sac was seen there was no yolk sac or embryo found is it fine?
Answer: I am also in same situation but be positive all will be fine
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