35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 30 week scan report.. Fetus in ( cephalic presentation) Placenta is anterior with grade 2nd BPD .. 7MM AC... 257MM FL....56MM Foetal weight... 1516 gm Is everything good ... nd wht is my baby position right now head down or other???

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Answer: Foetus in cephalic presentation means that the baby is in head down position which means that the head of the baby is towards the birth Canal which is considered absolutely normal and it is suitable position for the normal delivery Placenta is attached to the uterus in your case it is attached to the front wall of the uterus which is considered normal Grading indicates the maturity of the placentq it means that the grade increase with increase in the age of gestation. Gradee 2 at this week is considerable. BPD you have mentioned wrong it cannot be 7 mm Rest all measurements are ok, weight is also fine.
Answer: bpd is 77mm ...
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Question: Primi :- 39 week completed, cephalic presentation, anterior placenta, fetus back in right, head is mobile. It possible for head fixation and normal delivery. Fetal weight 3.480 gm
Answer: hi dear your reports are absolutely normal and fine. your baby is in head on position so baby's head can get fixed anytime now.
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Question: My placenta is anterior grade 2 nd cephalic presentation in usgs report so it's normal ?
Answer: Yes..it is normal.
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Question: in my scan report indicates that presentation is cephalic and placental position anterior and liquor adequate. bpd 77.. fl 57.. ac 241...wht is meaning that pls tell me
Answer: it's good. baby is head down and amniotic fluid amount is adequate and placenta is high
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