16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 14 week running..yet i m not feeling my baby in womb..n not gain my weight..is it is normal???.plz replyy.i m so worried

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Question: Hi i m 11 week pregnant .. n m still not gain weight....is it normal or what should I eat that i can gain weight...
Answer: Hello ma'am, In a pregnancy u need to gain weight 10-15 kg , so if your weight is not increase u can follow eat this food they r help to increase your weight. In a pregnancy u need to consume extra protein, calcium and mineral. So u can eat :- 1) dairy products- milk, ghee, paneer, curd etc. 2) all types of pulses 3) sweet potatoes 4) Egg 5) broccoli and dark leafy green vegetables. 6) berries 7) whole grains 8) dried fruits 9) water - 2 lit of water per day . 10) fruit 11) juice and soup 12) fish 13) chicken . Thanku
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Question: my period date is on 5 of nov bt ill nt started yet.. so i hv done pregnancy test it positive.. so which semister is going on in my womb?n m nt feeling nausea n vomiting yet.. any reason?
Answer: Dear not feeling nausea and vomiting is absolutely normal. I also did not had these during my pregnancy and still had a normal and healthy pregnancy. Also congratulation on a positive pregnancy test. Please get your beta hcg test done to understand the growth of your pregnancy. Your pregnancy will be counted from your last period date when you had your periods. Day 1 of your last periods will be counted as day 1 in your pregnancy. It is the first trimester of your and ideally you are in your second month. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m 16 weeks pregnent.. but i dont feel baby in womb?? So i m worried .. is it normal
Answer: Hello! You'll probably start to be aware of something at about18 weeks to 24 weeks of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, it may take you a bit longer to realise that those gentle fluttering feelings in your tummy (quickening) are your baby's movements.if you haven't felt any movement from your baby by 24 weeks, see your gyne. She'll listen for your baby's heartbeat and arrange an ultrasound scanor other checks if they’re needed
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