17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 17 week pregnant. 1 week se liquid white or colourless smelly discharge ho rahi hai. Is it normal

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Answer: Occurrence of white discharge is normal if it does not have a foul smell or it's not yellowish or green in color. It's a signal of ovulation in women. But if it's accompanied ,like I said, a foul odours or color change it indicates towards UTI infection. Infection in the organs of the pelvic region like uterus. .cervix. can also be reason for white discharge and low back pain. Consult your doctor for a better understanding.
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Question: I m 2 months pregnant..What is the remedy for smelly white liquid discharge?
Answer: Hello Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very normal it's while milky and mild smelling. It's nothing to worry about. If vaginal discharge is yellow greenish fowl smelling and accompied by redness boils or itching that means u have got a fungal or yeast infection. Meet ur doctor. Never try to treat yourself during pregnancy. In ur second trimester u can see pink or brown discharge this should be bought to ur doctors notice as it could be nothing or bleeding may indicate something.
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Question: Smelly white liquid discharge ...i am 20 weeks pregnant
Answer: Dear white discharge without smell and sticky is normal during pregnancy. However as you saidbit is smelly I would suggest you to consult your gynae to get it checked. As smelly could mean an infection as well. Book an appointment soon. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hiii..i m 17 week pregnant..from last 2 to 3 days white liquid discharge from vagina.is it normal..
Answer: Hi,white discharge during any time of pregnancy is normal it us called leuckhorea.if it turns yellowish not if it smells than that means there is infection.to avoid this you should maintain good hygeine.
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