35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Njan 34 week pregnant aanu .September 28 aanu EDD.enik ippol nadakanoke vallatha strain aanu.pelvic area full pain aanu.inganeyoke undaakumo.first delivery aanu?

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Answer: Hii dear I m so sorry .I don't know dis language but by going on setting in healofy apps u can change the language preference and can ask ur question. In chat group if u know English then do post ur query on English. Will surely help u. Thx
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Question: I am 34 Week pregnant, i have pain in pelvic area sometimes
Answer: Hello! Pelvic pain is common in pregnancy. As your baby grows and becomes heavier, it puts increasing pressure on the muscles in your pelvic floor. These muscles offer support to the uterus, small intestine, bladder, and rectum. Another likely culprit for all that pelvic pressure in the later months of pregnancy is the hormone relaxin. It helps loosen your ligaments as you move closer to childbirth, but it can affect your pelvic joints, too. Some women experience pain near their pubic bone and the sensation of shaky legs. To immediately relieve the pressure, try lying down on your side and focusing on breathing. You can also try the following ideas. Perform a few pelvic exercises, like pelvis tilts and rolls.Try relaxing in a soothing bath with warm water (not hot). You can also stand in the shower and aim the water at your back.Use a pregnancy support garment, also known as a belly sling. They’re designed to support your belly and offer relief to your hips, pelvis, and lower back.Avoid sudden movements if possible. Try not to twist at the waist. Instead, work on turning your whole body.Get a prenatal massage with a licensed therapist who specializes in treating pregnant women.Try to sit down as much as you can. Elevate your feet if possible.If you worked out regularly before becoming pregnant, don’t stop. Modify as necessary, but keep exercising consistently. If you’re uncertain about how to modify your workouts, ask your doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi ... Njan 11 weeks pregnant aanu. 1 weekayit bleeding kandu . Epol full restilanu. Ipo thott black or brown colour discharge und cheruthayit. Any problem.
Answer: Hello dear Complete bed rest eduthal mathi. Medicine undel athu continue cheyam. Onnu doctorne kanikunathu nallatha. Bleeding maran kurach samayam edukum.
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Question: Njan 8 week pregnant women aanu but I can't feel pregnancy no symptoms
Answer: It's normal dear. Don't worry. Every one's body is different.
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