37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 37 week pregnant now.. a crystalline vaginal discharge is there from yesterday. It's not milky white. And amount more than milky white discharge. Any pblm?

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Answer: Hi sister, if you notice any smell in white discharge you should contact doctor. discharge with yellow or brown colour it's the sign of labour.
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Question: Mam i m facing milky white discharge from 3hour ...nd feeling back pain ...is there any pblm or its normal??
Answer: Hllo dear vaginal discharge s common during pregnancy ..it called Leukorreha...as is thin ..white... milky.. nd mild smelling...its normal.nd nothing for u to worry abht...This s because the changing harmones of pregnancy can stimulate the vagina to increase production of this vaginal secretion. So nothing to worry abht take plenty of water ,juices ,buttermilk nd coconut water nd change ur panty twice a day .back pain s common problem during pregnancy .nothing to worry abht its Due to physical changes during pregnancy .try these remedies it 'll help u . ,give warm compress twice a day u cam try cold compress .go 4 walk daily twice a day .do yoga nd exercises, sleep on soft bed nd try to sleep on sides .try it u 'll get relief dear .avoid using bam ,pain relief oil ,move etc its not safe .
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Question: Is there any variation in white discharge during pregnancy? I feel more white discharge than usual today? Why it's cause?
Answer: White discharge is very common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes but if you notice the vaginal itching or pain during urination or burning sensation on abdominal cramps then you should inform your doctor as it can be due to the urinary tract infection Keep drinking lots and lots of Maintain the hygiene Make sure to wipe the vaginal area from front to back whenever you use washroom
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Question: Is white discharge normal now ? I feel a bit more than the normal amount....but not too much
Answer: Hi,this can be mucus plug release which is a good indication that body is getting ready for the labour so do not worry it is not.
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