7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 6 week pregnant.I am working.. but while sitting I feel tired why?

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Answer: hello dear dont worry this is normal.. stay active, drink plenty of fluids like orange juice, pomegranate juice for instant energy, try to include more fruits and dry fruits..Your womb has grown to the size of a lemon by the time you're around 8-10 weeks pregnant. You're probably feeling tired. Your breasts might feel sore and enlarged, and you're probably needing to pee more often than usual. Some pregnant women start to feel sick or tired, or have other minor physical problems for a few weeks around this time.
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Question: hello... i am 17 week pregnant.i feel pain while peeing ?
Answer: Hii u must be facing urine Infection .Due to that u r facing pain. Plz consult doctor and follow some home remedies to cure it. 1) drink lots of water. Also drink cranberry juice. It is best to cure uti. 2)mix 10 drops of tea tree oil in ur bathing water and clean ur infected area 3) make blueberry juice and take it twice a day 4) use v wash for maintaining ph level of ur private part. 5)drink amla juice 3 times a day. 6) taken2 spoon of apple cidar vinegar in a glass of water twice a day.  7)Avoiding drinks that may irritate the bladder: Coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks containing citrus juice or caffeine may irritate your bladder and perpetuate excessive urinating. 8) Wiping from front to back: Wiping from front to back after using the bathroom prevents bacteria from the anal region from spreading to the vagina and urethra. 9)Emptying your bladder soon after intercourse: It is important to try to flush out any bacteria that may have entered the urethra by drinking a full glass of water and urinating soon after sex. 10)Avoiding the use of irritating feminine products: Using certain products such as deodorant sprays, douches, and powders can irritate the urethra and cause a UTI.
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Question: I am 7 th week praganant but i feel always sleepy and more tired. Now i am working
Answer: Hello! Hormonal changes are likely the cause of fatigue. If you can, take naps or have an early night. You’ll need more sleep in early pregnancy, so rest whenever you can.  A healthy diet will keep your energy levels up.Add fruits,vegetables,dairy products,eggs in your diet..going for a walk can give you an energy boost, and help you to feel less tired.
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Question: I m 13 week and feel pain while standing from sitting...or turning while sleeping....why this discomfort
Answer: U r having human in there... It's not so easy... U wanna b mom na? Then face all sweet pains n u comfort Ness... After baby s born u ll miss all this.. Enjoy every moment wid u r lil one in there
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Question: I am 26 week pregnant, why do I feel baby kicks and movements only when I m lying on bed. Why not while sitting or standing?
Answer: Hi dear, during the first time while baby started kicking you will feel the move when you are lying only..then after when your baby move frequent you will feel that anytime...
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