40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 35th week pregnancy I have cough n sour throat wat can be done any syrup or strepsil is that safe ???? Help gale me bht Jalan h 😟

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Answer: Natural remedies to ease cough during pregnancy 1.Garlic – Part of the onion family, garlic is a powerhouse against the cold during pregnancy! In fact, in one study, daily consumption of a garlic supplement reduced people’s chance of a cold by over 60%! For those who did get sick, garlic helped them get better faster. During pregnancy, it’s best to consume 1 crushed, raw garlic clove with each meal. If your cold is acute, you could increase your garlic consumption to 1 crushed, raw clove per every 2-3 hours. I like to smear in raw honey for taste and added benefits. 2.Apple Cider Vinegar – Raw preferably. ACV alkalinizes the body and most illnesses can’t thrive in alkaline environments. It also contains good bacteria which helps to fight of infection. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of ACV into water or tea and drink 3 times a day.Gargle ACV to soothe a sore throat. 3.Honey – raw, local honey is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. Take 1 tsp., three times a day 4.Onion – raw onion has phytochemicals that help keep the respiratory tract open.. You can make a black bean or beef burger and top with lots of onions and mustard. You can add sauerkraut for an extra dose of probiotics!
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Question: I have cough and itching in throat can I take cough syrup is this safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hello, Dear it's better to avoid medicine during pregnancy. Take only if the sickness is svere otherwise you can use home remedies. Here are few remedies that can help you; 1. Chop the garlic, mix in some honey and have it. It is recommended to have this at least two to three times a day. 2.Gargling with warm water helps to reduce cough. 3. Ginger reduces phlegm and also reduces inflammation. Have it in the form of ginger tea. Bring 2 glasses of water to a boil, add two spoons of grated ginger and steep for 15 minutes. Once it cools down a bit add some honey and drink.
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