14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 11th week 4days NT SCAN Result CRL 48.85MM NT 0.89MM HEART RATE 185 IT'S normal growth

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Question: Fetus heart beat rate is 102 in NT scan. Is there any problem in baby growth????
Answer: Normal fetal heartbeat is 110-140 in anomaly scan Do not woory. It should not go down I will recommend mentoring.
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Question: Scan result 140 above heart rate means baby girl
Answer: We can't exactly predict gender based on heart beat. My baby heart beat was more than 150 and I have not baby. You can try baking soda test to find gender. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: 13th week scan baby heart rate 172 it's normal plz ans me
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,foetal heartbeat between 120-180 bpm is normal .
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