36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 36 week is going on, I have cavity in my tooth and dentist said that RCT is only option, can I go for it plus suggest...

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Answer: no it is not recommended because of the pain killers that they give...try to delay it as far as possible...evn during breast feedin it shud b avoided
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Question: My third trimester will going to start soon ..is sex safer in third trimester? Plus can i go to the dentist for RCT (root canal) ?
Answer: yes dear sex is safe if you don't have any complication during pregnancy like placenta previa or hematoma. toothace happens in pregnancy as there is increase of progesterone hormone which makes it easier for certain bacterias to grow on the gingiva.This inflammation of gums is known as gingivitis.U should visit a dentist soon,without any delay since this trimester of pregnancy is the safest one to go for any dental procedures .You should go for scaling or any other treatment required in this trimester itself ,so that there is no worsening of the symptoms in the 3rd trimester as treatments are not recommended during the 3rd trimester
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Question: I'm 8th month pregnant, i have filled filling in my tooth, it has been removed. Can I go and ask the dentist to do filling in my tooth
Answer: Hi! Please go to the dentist once for checkup and talk to the gynae also before taking any dental treatment. Mostly it wont be a problem as its only filling. But pls inform your gynae is a must. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have a tooth ache in wisdom tooth, like something extra mass in wisdom teeth, will it be safe for my pregnancy if i go to dentist
Answer: HI, yes it is okay to visit dentist while being pregnant. it is advisable to inform your dentist about pregnancy before doing any procedure. second trimester is ideal time during pregnancy for all dental procedure needed.
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Question: My tooth is paining badly can i go to dentist i am in 11 week of pregnancy
Answer: Sure you can go. And there before taking medicine talk about your pregnancy to the dentist
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