17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 15th week completed.still suffering from evening sickness.it will last up to how many weeks.

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Answer: Till 3nd half month
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Question: My last LMP is June 15th. How many weeks I have
Answer: Count from 15 th june. You may be 33 or 34 months pregnant according to lmp. Your pregnancy period may be different slightly according to baby growth in doctor's inspection
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Question: i'm on 5th week of pregnency...continous vomiting from last 5days...this will contnue till how many weeks?
Answer: Mostly by end of 1st trimester it shud go away however each pregnancy is different...so it might continue fr long as well
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Question: From how many weeks my 4th month will start??
Answer: 4th month starts with week 14. And wouod end with 17th week. Good luck.
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