9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 8 week pregancy but no heartbeat. ...and doctor said no growth ulso... what to do this same situation second time happened with me..

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Question: Hi sis i have 2abortion..1st baby no heartbeat then second baby no fetal pole and no heartbeat no growth..what can i do what kind of test take..plz guide me doctor
Answer: hi dear! you should take an ana test , anticardiolipin antibodies test . these test will help us to see if there are any autoimmune problems in which the body's immune system attack body's own cells. so we need to be sure there is nothing like that. and also do your tsh levels just to be sure there is no problem with the thyroid dear. take the reports to your doctor dear. take care.
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Question: i m 7 weeks pregnant mother last yesterday i was done my second sonography but still no heartbeat and no growth doctor said this is not good sign for baby and advice me to abort this baby after one week what should i do please advice me
Answer: Same with me......better to abort asap because as long as you wait more the complications will be. There are rare chances when heart beat develop after seven weeks because generally heart beat develop around 5-6 week. Send be brave and tk care. Second pregnancy will be healthy one
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Question: I have 2 abortion sis...1st baby no heartbeat then second baby no growth and no heartbeat....i am really worried....next what can i do...doctor
Answer: Take proper rest & have water frequently go for regular checkup have care on food. Take FolicAcid & protein food
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