35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 34th week..baby is very lower in the womb... is any problem.?

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Answer: Hello! Very lower in the womb, might be low lying placenta. It is definitely a complication but if proper precautions taken then there is nothing to worry. It is better to be on complete bed rest and avoid much of activities. Also avoid anything which causes jerk and intercourse. Bed rest is the best way to handle this. Take care
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    Arulkumar Thangamani67 days ago

    Can i walk regularly??

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Question: How we know my baby is healthy in womb in 34th week ??
Answer: If you are getting kicks by your baby and if you can feel the movement in your belly that means your baby is healthy. You should take good diet and water intake. Also, start taking almond milk as it will help in your cervix opening and for the baby health.
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Question: My womb size lower growing is any problem
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy womb size depends on your body structure but it doesn't have any effect on the growth of baby so please do not worry about it take care
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Question: Is there any problem when baby kicks happens at the very lower part of the abdomen
Answer: No there is no issue with it..enjoy this phase of pregnancy.. you gonna miss this soon
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Question: Feeling pain (like pricking with needle) in the right side lower abdomen. Near hip. Not continuously. I'm in my 34th week. Is there any problem? Plz guide
Answer: Consult with your doctor immediately
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