28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: We should remove bra this tine at night or not?

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Answer: Hello dear Invest in a properly fitted bra that provides breast support and coverage as it is necessary otherwise ur breast will become saggy and their shape can also change.
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Question: While aleeping at night bra can be weared or not means what is safe in them
Answer: Hi,it is advisable to get out of the bra during night while sleeping and then you can wear it again in the morning this is because the bteast also needs to breathe .it is advisable to always it it off while sleeping.
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Question: Should v wear bra at night
Answer: Not only in pregnancy but in regular days also its good if women dont wear bra at night. Bra are tight and is a barrier in blood circulation so it would be good to avoid bra at night.
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Question: At this time can i use bra or not?
Answer: U must use. Breasts are increasing in size n weight so better to use else they will be so lose later on.
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