22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: we missed our level 2 usg ultrasound, can it be done in 21st or 22 nd week or we should not delay it anymore?

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Answer: Hi dear, If you are talking about NT scan,then I am sorry it cannot be done at this stage.but anomaly scan which should be done between 18-21 weeks can be done now.
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    shweta khatana30 days ago

    yes i got the anomaly scan done e.. but what is nt scan? and gw does it help?

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Question: Hi... Can u pls tell mee about USG(NT/NB) scan.... When it should be done... In which week or month.... Nd for what it should be done?
Answer: NB stands for nasal bone. ... An overly thick nuchal fold and/or absence of the nasal bone can be markers for Down syndrome. The NT scan is usually performed in conjunction with a blood test taken around the same time. You will get a screening result giving you the odds of your having a baby with a chromosomal disorder. The NT scan must be done when you're between 11 and 14 weeks pregnant, because this is when the base of your baby's neck is still transparent. (The last day you can have it is the day you turn 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant.) It's usually offered along with a blood test in first-trimester combined screening options.
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Question: Level 2 ultrasound when can be done?
Answer: You can have the second or anomaly scan between 20-24 weeks of pregnancy.
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Question: Hi.. m 15 weeks pregnant. Can I go for level 2 ultrasound? Or when it should be done
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. A Level 2 ultrasound is a comprehensive, detailed evaluation of fetal anatomy and development. It is a much more in-depth evaluation of the fetus than a Standard or Level 1 ultrasound. The ultrasound examination is usually performed at about 20 weeks gestational age. Take care.
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